Sunday, 21 February 2016

Thursday 25 February / 7pm / Free

MK Gallery 
900 Midsummer Blvd 
Milton Keynes 
MK9 3QA 

Videostrolls is an archive and series of public screenings, curated by Andy Howlett, Callum Alden and Owen Davey; three filmmakers from Birmingham, Edinburgh and London respectively, who enjoy walking, talking and making walking-talking-films. 

Anti-tourism, psycho-geography, urban wandering, deep topography, flaneur’iness; these are all sorts of important sounding ways to say: journeying for the sake of it.

The films they present, online and at screenings, express these strolls in video; one medium of many which we have chosen simply to simplify. Crucially, it is the journey that comes first, both literally and figuratively. These films, therefore, are about the little discoveries; the unknowable outcome of the journey taking the place of a script., shot-list or, very often, budget. This makes these ‘videostrolls’ inherently more fun to make – and often more fun to watch – than conventionally scripted films. And it’s this simplicity, this doability that we fell make videostrolls an ideal bridge between amateur and professionals, viewers and filmmakers, artists and the great unwashed.